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Download section

Welcome in the download section. Here you can find various white papers I have written about customer retention.

White Papers

  • Why Customer Retention? Do I really need it?

  • This white paper is designed to answer the 2 main questions about customer retention: "What is customer retention?" and "What are the benefits of customer retention?" To read more, please click here ...

  • Customer Retention - The key to even more success

  • For a quick overview of customer retention, just click here ...

  • The next white paper is coming soon. Topic: "The 2 big W's in Customer Retention: Who & What"

If you like to chat with me about any topics of customer retention, I would really like to hear from you. Any comments are more than appreciated.
Here is my e-mail address: beatrix.gruber@scibis.eu

Hope to hear from you soon!


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